A great tool for architects...

Architectural lighting and complete control of comfort level at home is an important part of modern lifestyle. Architects benefit from the intelligent modules of the LCN system to create endless lighting possibilities to satisfy the imagination of clients. With few basic and expansion modules, the system can be programmed for function and comfort. Anything electrically can be controlled by the system, allowing the architects to reach the goals of the design, whether that is to provide energy efficiency, maximum comfort, easy of use or convenience or all of the above. LCN modules are installed as intelligent nodes in the whole building and are connected with each other via simple wiring. The main difference to the conventional wiring method is that LCN requires much less wires thus reducing the cost of materials and electrician labor. The system is easy to learn for architects because no networking nor software programming knowledge is required to understand to incorporate LCN modules into the architetural design. Best of all, architects can be confident to propose a reliable home automation system that is fully proven to clients.

Achieving great results without taking on more cost and efforts

As architects you face many challenges in your design. Your clients want great looking, energy conserving architectures that provide occupants safe, comfort and convenient environment. At the same time they want them to cost as low as possible to build and to maintain. LCN is the solution for any of the following functionalities in your project:

  • Lighting control, both archtectural and functional
  • Security and Alarm
  • Entry and Access Control
  • Temparture Control (Heating / Air Conditioning)
  • Energy Management and Saving (Green Building Design)
  • Enviroment Control (Air Flow, Daylight, Humidity)
  • Remote Building Monitoring and Management
  • "Smart House"

Target architectural objects

If you are working on any of the following creations, LCN is the system that you should consider to be part of the design:

  • Large/Small residences
  • Commercial complexes, office buildings
  • Industrial buildings, factory buildings, warehouses
  • Convention Centers, Exhibition Halls
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Educational buildings, schools, universities, laboratories
  • Theaters and Concert Halls
  • Museums and Historical buildings
  • Sport Centers, Stadium and racing rings


The best thing about LCN is that it does not require any special consideration from architects and building engineers. Because LCN modules are small, they can be part of lighting fixtures or other electrical devices that need to be controlled in the building. You do not have to create special equipment rooms for the system. The only thing needed is one extra wire in the standard electrical cable.

You don't have to completely define the behavior of the control and management process during the design and contruction phase. Even when the building is completed, the system can be expanded on the existing wiring without problem. The system can be configured and re-configured after the construction phase to provide the behavior that you desire. And once system configuration is finalized, no maintenance is required.

Registered with the AIA/CES

LCN America is an AIA/CES Registered Provider. We offer the 1hr/1LU program entitled "Building Automation and Management" at various locations and time frames.

To learn more, take an indepth explanation of how LCN technology works or contact us for more information. We would love to work with you to realize your creative ideas for your clients.