A reliable product that professional builders can trust

Professional builders benefit from the solid record of LCN system. This system is simple to install in a new building, requires no special wiring method beside using a 4-wire instead of the usual 3-wire electrical cables. The system is extraordinary reliable due to the fact that the communication between intelligent modules is carried on the extra wire which is potential free and protected against short circuit and over voltage. Because LCN is a mesh network without a central controller and each of the modules acts with its own intelligent program, failure of a single module effects only the local devices controlled by that particular module. This means that problems are easily identified and failed modules are easily replaced. Professionals will appreciate the quality of the LCN modules that are designed to meet high demands of commercial buildings, yet are cost effective short term wise thank to their simple installation method and long term wise thank to their long lasting and maintenance free operation. The tallest building in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, the Main Tower, is completely controlled and automated with LCN technology. Even in this complex installation, expansion of existing system is as easy as adding new light fixtures or components to the electrical wiring. Again this is all thank to the mesh network topology of the LCN system and intelligent software in each module.

To learn more, take an in-depth explanation of how LCN technology works or contact us. We would be very happy to work with you on one of your prestiges projects.