LCN-RT Miniature Remote Control
4 buttons in a tiny housing
Recognition of short, long and release action
16-button function with multilevel operation – 4 buttons per 4 levels
Up to 16*3 = 48 button commands programmable
Simultaneous operation of up to 250 remote controls in one room
Programmable code that is evaluated by every LCN receiver. Can be used to give single persons privilege functions, e.g. access control
100% safe access control using serial number of trans­mitter, operation directly in receiver or in central PC
Requires connection of LCN-RR or LCN-RRV to respective bus module such as LCN-UP, LCN-HU etc.

Power supply standard Li cell 2032
Dimensios: (l. w. h.) 2” x 1.5” x 0.4”