LCN-UPPlus Switch and Dim Unit
  • Combined sensor and actor
  • Built in power supply
  • Two power outputs, 120/240V, 250VA each
  • Dimm and switchable (no build in dim-filter, used with LCN-FI1 if necessary)
  • T, I ports for Infrared receiver, temperature/PIR/transponder-sensors
  • A/D converters, digital inputs / outputs
  • Inputs for Light, Pressure, Temperature. Wind and other sensors.
  • On/Off switching
  • Dimming slope and brightness parameterization
  • High pressure discharge tube control
  • Motor control
  • Storage for 100 scenes per output
  • Extended two button modes
  • Noise and hum suppression
  • 2 independent analog regulators and 5 threshold values
  • Counter, addition and subtraction functions
  • Tableau display functions
  • Alarm message processing with logic arithmetics.
  • Static and dynamic grouping
  • 3-level messaging concept: command, acknowledgement and status report. Report evaluation and logic control according to DIN
  • Power supply: 120/240V ± 15%, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption < 0.45W
  • Surge protection 4kV
  • Safety classification IP20
  • Dimensions (d. h.) 2” x 0.8”