LCN-W PC-based Visualization program: Basic module
Program for the house owner for central controlling of the electric installation.
The programme is designed in a modular way and can be enlarged at any time. The basic module contains the user desktop, the communication with the LCN bus, the Help-function and a module for the manual control of all consumers and consumer groups.
The visualisation is perfomed in one or two windows for up to 50 modules. Macro functions, which can be used for example for multiple lighting scenarios in multiple circuits, are also included.
By assigning passwords to individual users the use of the basic module and all additional modules can be restricted.
The LCN-W programme is designed for multi-use in a single building.
Pentium-PC with 128 MB RAM, graphiocs adaptor with at least 4 MB and 800X600 dpi with 24-bit color resolution, mouse, free serial interface, WIN95/98/NT