Wiring LCN system is simple..

  • Use standard NYM elektric cable with 4 wires (12-3 AWG or 14-3 AWG or larger if needed to accomodate loads). The extra wire is for data communication between LCN modules, marked here with letter .
  • Bus modules are connected directly to the wiring, no extra power supply needed.
  • Lighting fixtures, electrical devices, motors and others are connected to the outputs of the LCN modules. For high load devices, use appropriate load drive modules
  • Switches, sensors, remote control receiver and other assessoiries are connected to the appropriate port (I-port, T-port and P-port) of the LCN modules. These ports are designed for plug-and-play of LCN peripherals.
  • Tap the bus anywhere using the LCN-PC module and program behavior of the individual modules or the whole system using the PC based software.
  • Here is an example of wiring to control 4 light fixtures and 4 motors using 2xLCN-SH modules. Note that a number of unused input ports can be used to connect many additional sensors and peripherals:

  • Most installers mount LCN modules in the distribution or junction boxes to ease the installation process and later maintenance, since power supply is distributed from there to electrical devices in the conventional wiring method. Note in the few examples below that how clean the wiring is compared to wiring method of other systems. There is no extra cables beside the standard cables that are already there:

If you have questions about installation, please contact us for support.