LCN requires the use of a standard tap-action switch. The advantage of using tap-action switches - as opposed to toggle switches - is the variety in press modes. Some of the following pressing modes are recognized by LCN:

  • Short
  • Long
  • Release
Each button can therefore store 3 different functions. In other words, 3 different commands can be triggered by pressing the buttons accordingly. This button-function-matrix illustrates the possible combinations of button numbers and the press mode.

Since only one receiver ID can be programmed per button, a so-called shadow-function-table is added. That makes life easier because the commands in both tables are transmitted at the same time. With this feature, two receiver IDs can now be programmed using the shadow-function-table. For example: If button #3 is pressed, physically or virtually (per software), the respective commands stored in functiontable A and shadow-function-table A´ are transmitted simultaneously. Additionally, there are two modes of operation: Single mode and Dual mode which will be described next.