LCN command signals have been designed to maintain a very flexible structure. Therefore the actual length can vary as the implementation of new commands for future equipment becomes necessary. At present the command signal has the following structure:

Source ID
Target ID
Param. 1
Param. 2
Simplified Telegram

The compact command signal includes information for the actor and sensor. In other words, the information for the output of any bus module is transmitted in the data string and not in the actor. Thus a bus module can in fact react in an unlimited number of manners. For example:

Module 25; Dim output 1 to 30% Brightness; slope: 10Steps / s
Module 25; set staircase lighting; slope: 25

Maintenance has also been kept simple and efficient. At any time during programming, the operator can press the F8 button on the keyboard. The window which is opened displays every command signal transmitted. Each transmitted command signal shows:

  • transmitter ID
  • receiver ID
  • command in short form

The Windows-based configuration tool LCN-Pro offers a permanent window that displays all bus activity.