LCN stands for Local Control Network, a building control network that distinguishes itself from other building automation technology through 3 distintive principles:

  • Easy planning
  • Easy installation
  • Safe and Reliable operation

LCN can easily be configured to fullfil every requirement of customers and designers thanks to the large number of sensors and power outputs modules that complement the only few basic control modules. The power of LCN lies in the simple yet highly sophisticated programability of the control modules.

What more, LCN is also a very adaptable system. Starting out, a low cost system can be installed providing a small number of required basic functions. This small system can grow large to provide luxury functionalities and can span multiple buildings without having to rewire the building. By simply adding new control modules and sensors to existing wiring the system expands to provide ever more complex functionalities.

LCN is designed to be installed with standard building or home electrical wiring methods. There is no special requirement in the procedure to accomodate LCN modules. In practice, a lot less wire is needed in a buiding controlled by LCN because switches do not need to be wired to/from the lights, motors and appliances. If you would like browse quickly some facts about LCN please read the FAQs first. For a detailed explanation of how LCN technology works, follow to the next section.