All power outputs on bus modules can be dimmed or operated as a switch, depending on the respective setting in the configuration software. Outputs are switched only during zero crossings on the AC power curve. The benefit is the conservation of recourses, that is, bulbs are not switched on during voltage peaks etc.

Output power varies from 2 x 150VA to 2 x 2kVA, depending on the used module. A relay block can be connected for switching higher loads up to 16A. Each output is set with 2 parameters:

  • Brightness
  • Slope
The brightness level is a number between 0 and 200. In other words, brightness level is divided into 200 steps. The slope is a time factor and sets the time required for the dimmer to reach the desired dim-value. However, if the output is set to switch mode, the slope merely indicates the time until the output is switched on. Plus-Modules, such as LCN-HUplus, LCN-LD, LCN-DI12 have been designed with added memory space and firmware. One added feature includes the capability to save the brightness settings of each output. Up to 100 different settings can be stored for each output!