A new LCN-remote control was specially designed for all system features. The remote control is available in two different models:

  • Heavy duty model: 16 buttons with a range of up to 90 yd. including rechargeable batteries
  • Compact key ring model: 4 buttons, 4 levels (range 15 yds)
Both systems can be coded with 4 digits. The receiver modules can then be programmed to analyse each transmission to check for codes. Additionally, each remote control, (and bus module!) is also equipped with a serial number, which can be evaluated individually. Implementing the readout of the serial number and code of each remote control offers a very efficient and reliable method for use in central locking systems for hotel rooms, office blocks and access control systems for hospitals, security areas etc.. Up to 250 individual remote controls can be used in a room, banquet hall, offices, reception halls etc. without cross interference.